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Exciting and Imaginative Wings Tattoos

Popular choices among first timers are the wings tattoos as many people find this image readily accessible and available in a range of attractive styles.

When it comes to wings tattoos you have several options available to you and what follows are some of the ideas you can use to help decide what type of tattoos with wings you would like.

Angel Wings: Some people choose to have their shoulders and back tattooed to look as if they actually have angel wings! Most people who have these types of decorative wings tattoos wear the designs for religious reference or symbolism.

Demon Wings: Alternatively, some people have demon wings tattooed onto their back and shoulders. These types are quite similar in design to the angel wings mentioned above and again they are usually obtained for religious reference or symbolism.

Fairy Wings: These types of wings tattoos are for people who are enjoy fantasy art. Again the tattoos are usually worn on the shoulders and back, however the design style of fairy wings tattoos are more popular with women than men.

Butterfly Wings: Another design favoured by the ladies is the butterfly wings tattoos, with the most popular position also being the back and shoulders. This type of design is inspired by one of the most beautiful of creatures in the natural world, the butterfly.

It is quite normal for the above listed wings tattoos to be quite large in size and intricate in design. So remember, if you choose to go with any of the wing designs you can expect to be using a fair amount of multi-coloured inks. If you decide that these types of tattoos would be right for you, be prepared for the cost. Of course it all depends on how big, how intricate, and how many colours are used; you should also be prepared to allow the time required for the multiple sessions needed to complete the tattoo.

If spending too much time, too much money or giving up that much of your skin is not appealing to you, you can always have smaller tattoos that feature wings. For example, instead of choosing butterfly wings; you can opt for a butterfly tattoo put somewhere on your body, and instead of getting angels wings; you can get a tattoo of an angel, etc...

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