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May Your Imagination Fly With Wing Tattoos

If you make the big decision to get a tattoo, your next step is to determine the design you want to have inked into your skin. This is not something to decide lightly. The reason is that you are likely to be stuck with your tattoo for the rest of your life. But a lot of people facing this choice opted for wing tattoos.

Wing tattoos make lots of different options available to you. So pay attention to the following ideas to see what kind of wings you might prefer to have on yourself.

Angel Wings: One thing to do is to have wings tattooed on your shoulders or back to make it look like you have angel wings. These types of tattoos obviously carry a religious significance or symbolism.

Demon Wings: Some people prefer the kinds of wings tattooed onto their shoulders or backs that resemble demon wings. These kings of tattoos also carry a religious significance or symbolism.

Fairy Wings: These types of wings come from fantasy art. The tattoos that appear on shoulders and back are like those associated with fairies. Women seem to like these types of tattoos better than men.

Butterfly Wings: These tattoos are patterned after the most beautiful insects in the whole wide world: butterflies. These types of tattoos inked into shoulders and backs are also favored by women.

Regardless of the specific design, these types of tattoos tend to be rather large. And they show a rather complex design as well. If you opt for butterfly wings, for example, you are going to use quite a bit of different colors. So be prepared to pay the price for this kind of tattoo. And depending on the size and how intricate you want your wing tattoo, you should also be prepared for a number of sessions before the job can be finished.

If you choose not to spend that much time and money, you can always opt for some smaller tattoos that represent wings. Instead of butterfly wings, you can opt for a small butterfly tattooed onto some part of your body. Instead of getting angel wings, you can actually get a small angel, and so on.

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