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There has been an amazing trend in recent days, where an ever growing number of people is showing an interest in having tattoos done on them. Remarkable too, is that unlike the case in the past, where people approached tattoos with the attitude that 'a tattoo is a tattoo,' the tendency in modern days has been such that people are not only looking for tattoos, but also for sophisticated tattoos - the emphasis being on 'sophisticated.' This preference for sophisticated tattoos is perhaps born of the appreciation of the fact that tattoos are for life, and that if you are to get one, then it would only be fair to ensure that you got a good one too, since it is something you would always have. One of the greatest beneficiaries to this trend where people are looking for sophisticated tattoos has been the so-called wing tattoos.

As it turns out, wing-tattoos are as sophisticated as tattoos could ever get. What happens in wing tattoos of course is that the person opting to get them has wing-looking graphics carefully etched into their body, so that when they are walking around without their shirts or blouses on, you might be forgiven for thinking that they are about to take off in flight! What we are looking at here, by the way, are not just small graphics of wings drawn somewhere on the back (although those would qualify to be called wing tattoos in some schools of thought), but rather at huge graphics, traversing the whole length of the wearer's backside, making them as resemble real wings as closely as possible.

Like most major types of tattoos, of course, wing-tattoos come in a great variety. There are, for instance, those 'functional looking' wing-tattoos which when etched on your back, will make you look like an eagle, hawk or other such 'pragmatic' bird which is almost ready to take off in flight - as alluded to earlier. There are, however, other smaller wing tattoo designs (and these are rather popular with ladies), these being the variety of wing tattoos that you surely wouldn't ever make your back be confused for a huge bird's.

While almost all contemporary tattoo artists make wing tattoos, some are known to be better at making the said wing tattoos than others. Indeed, at busy tattoo studios, it is common to find tattoo artists who specialize wholly in the making of wing tattoos (so that day in day out, they are involved in etching the said wing tattoos). Obviously, if you are looking to get a wing tattoo, and you happen to get into the hands of any one of these tattoo artists who are fully engaged in making the said wing tattoos, it would be reasonable to expect that you would get a better result than if you went for a tattoo artist who will be experimenting with wing tattoos on you.

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